Our Chapter Today

After closing its chapter in SLO a few years ago in compliance with a request by the Dean of Students over a drug incident, Delta Sigma Phi is re-establishing our chapter and rejoining our fellow Greeks!

Recruitment begins Fall Quarter on October 2nd, 2023! Contact Hunter Potemri at Potemri@DeltaSig.org.

Our outstanding National Fraternity, established in 1899, and our 1,600 Cal Poly chapter alumni since 1950, are committed to an undergrad program focused on student health, safety, and development. Key program elements include leadership training, academic achievement, campus involvement, community service, philanthropy, respect for others, responsible social conduct, and sports. We practice and support Cal Poly's "Learn By Doing" approach - and add "Fun While Learning"!

Our alumni, and our National Fraternity, are 100% in agreement with University objectives for students!



Delta Sigma Phi Offers A One-Of-A-Kind College Experience!

OUR FOCUS - We emphasize personal, social, leadership, and academic growth while having fun.

BALANCE - We combine a great social program, including functions with sororities, with leadership training, campus involvement, philanthropy, and sports.

DIVERSITY & NETWORKING - Our members have diverse majors and interests. We network on-campus, in inter-fraternity life, and in student government.

FRIENDSHIPS - We enjoy the unique friendships only a close brotherhood can produce.

GROUP DYNAMICS - We learn how to effectively live and work together in a group - and also how to self-govern, plan, and make decisions.

LEADERSHIP - Our Brothers develop leadership as elected or appointed officers within our Chapter, and by attending nationally-sponsored Delta Sig leadership conferences.

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT - We are active on campus in clubs and government. We've had Brothers on the ASI Board Of Directors and the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB).

PHILANTHROPY - We are proud that our fraternity built the "Poly P" on Poly Hill (1957), were the only fraternity to donate to Cal Poly's Bronze Mustang sculpture near the University Union (UU), and our other work in the community.

SPORTS - We excel in inter-fraternity (IFC) sports and teamwork because we work together. There are many sports to chose from.

CHAPTER HOUSE - We take great pride in having built our own chapter house in 1972! It is presently leased, but we will move back in at the end of the current lease.

ALUMNI SUPPORT - We have unparalleled alumni support and oversight. Alumni provide program oversight, scholarships, sponsor leadership and risk-management training, and provide, when available, summer internships.

FRIENDSHIPS - Our friendships grow over time into brotherly bonds that last for life. Just ask our 1,600 chapter alumni from across the decades who stay in touch and support us!

In The Words Of Young Alumni

PictureMy name is Luke Pinkston and I graduated with a major in Industrial Engineering in 2017. After working for three years, I went to law school, graduating in May 2023. I'm about to start my law career at a Palo Alto firm working in their Mergers and Acquisitions Department.

Looking back, Delta Sigma Phi (DSP) was much more than just a fraternity. It was a community that shaped my college experience and the person I am today.

I was fortunate to serve as the Sergeant at Arms and eventually, the President. These leadership roles allowed me to contribute to the growth and success of the fraternity, while also honing my leadership skills. Further, these leadership roles have helped me show employers that I have experience taking on responsibility and leading my peers.

I was able to create lasting relationships in DSP that went much deeper than just hanging out on the weekends - because many of those in DSP shared common interests with me and we were able to forge connections that will span a lifetime.

Editor's note: Luke took advantage of DSP's free leadership training by attending the Fraternity's Regional Leadership Academy. Later he earned the National Fraternity's prestigious undergraduate award for contributions to his chapter and Fraternity: the "Order Of Sphinx".

PictureMy name is Grant Prescott and I graduated with a double major in Accounting and Finance in 2017. I am currently a Director at a tax and wealth management firm in South Orange County. Prior to my current role, I worked as an investment banker in the technology sector, and before that I worked at Ernst & Young in financial services audit.

DSP played a crucial role in shaping my life and providing me with a solid foundation. It helped me answer important questions such as what I wanted to do for work, where I would end up living after school, and who I would face life's challenges with.

Being a part of DSP introduced me to some of my closest friends who have remained a constant source of support and inspiration even after college. The fraternity not only provided me with a network of individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand, but it also pushed me to become a better person in all aspects of life, from health to career. For anyone looking to join a fraternity that values personal and professional growth and likes to have fun along the way, I highly recommend DSP.

During my time with DSP, I held two positions: New Member Educator and Treasurer. These positions gave me an opportunity to give back to our fraternity and the overall community in so many ways. Additionally, I was honored to receive the alumni- funded $1,000 Kevin Costello scholarship in 2017 and was recognized with the National Fraternity's Order of Sphinx award.

PicturePictureMy name is Connor Koch and I graduated from Cal Poly in 2016 with a degree in Business Administration and concentrating in Entrepreneurship. After graduating I worked for several years as the marketing director and business manager and partner for the motivational speaker Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to summit Mount Everest.

I am now a mountain endurance athlete rooted in the Rockies. I co-founded "Coyote Collective" and I'm the Ambassador for an equipment company. I've summitted every 14,000 peak in Colorado and California, and led the first wheelchair summit of a 14,000 foot Colorado peak. The photo on the left was taken after graduation. The photo on the right is from my May 2023 ascent in the Alaska Range ski mountaineering expedition with 3 first descents.

If it were not for the skills I learned at our Delta Sigma Phi Chapter, I would not be the man I am today.

The Fraternity provided me with leadership opportunities that allowed me to realize my potential for service and giving back. I was fortunate to be elected to two Executive Board roles: Engineered Leadership (Philanthropy) and then Alumni Relations. In these roles I was able to lead a 75-man Delta Sig Poly P Work-day, write newsletter articles, lead DSP in involvement with local charity organizations, and strengthen our brotherly bond.

More important than any position I took in Delta Sigma Phi was the true lesson I learned: we are very fortunate to have the lives we have, and even more blessed to have a network of resources that we can rely upon. Unfortunately, many others are not as lucky, which is why I have shaped my career with the belief that true service to others is the ultimate goal, and the most fulfilling aspect, of our humanity.

DSP was the cornerstone of my college experience. Though my path continues increasingly higher into the sky and away from my roots, I am ever grateful for my formative years in DSP.

PictureMy name is Solomon Reda and I graduated in 2012 in Industrial Technology. Just out of college I worked at Apple as a Program Manager for Machine Learning for 8 years. I'm now a Product Manager at a tech start-up company and living in New York City.

When I think about my time at Cal Poly, I'm thinking about DSP. DSP is where I was able to first develop my leadership skills, where other brothers taught me about resumes and internships, and where I attribute much of my post-grad success. - DSP is where I made lifelong friends, and ten years after Cal Poly I'm now going to fellow brothers' weddings.

I was one of six DSP Brothers serving in Cal Poly’s student government. In a school-wide election, three brothers received the most student votes from their respective Colleges and represented that College on the Associated Student, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors. Three other brothers were appointed to the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB). There are 6 Colleges at the university and only one student representative is appointed per College to serve in the UUAB.

We six upper-classmen (juniors and seniors) hope we are paving-the-way, and motivating, our younger brothers who follow us to get involved!

In The Words Of Older Alumni

PictureMy name is Jim Evans, I am a PhD, and I am not a recent grad! I joined Delta Sigma Phi at Cal Poly in the Spring of 1958.

These organizational goals are a reminder to us older folks as to what we built (as undergraduates) in terms of a supplemental program of excellence for young men at Cal Poly. They are also a roadmap for young men beginning their experience at Cal Poly today.

I often think what a greater experience CP was due to our DSP journey. We more than doubled the value of our college investment in graduating as better, more capable people; better husbands and fathers going forward, better with good moral values, better as participating citizens in public life, better leaders in business and our vocational ventures, just better at living life, having fun, and improving the lives of those around us.

Community Service Examples


Philanthropy Examples

Picture Picture Picture

Promoting Student Health and Safety

PictureWe participate with our alumni in our annual Delta Sigma Phi Charity Golf Tournament in Nipomo during Open House. This event supports Aware, Awake, Alive - to benefit all University students. Working together during the last three years, our Chapter has raised $30,000 to help AAA educate students on how to avoid, recognize, and seek immediate medical treatment for alcohol poisoning. In this photo Mrs. Julia Starkey, mother of Carson Starkey, and founder of the AAA Foundation, accepts our annual donation. She recently wrote us the following letter:

Founder of Aware, Awake, Alive Thanks DSP For Years of Support


Supporting the University and its Students

Picture PictureWe partner with our Chapter's alumni to help judge and administer our Poly P Scholarship for non-Greek men and women students. Since its inception in 2012, we have helped to give $9,750 based on merit and need. These scholarships are a collective means for our alumni to give-back while honoring our Chapter's brothers who built the Poly P in 1957.

We Stress Academic Success

In the 2014-2015 academic year, we converted a Chapter house bedroom to a study-room. The following GPA chart was based upon University-provided records, through the end of Spring Quarter 2015, at which time the University stopped tracking our grades.

Picture Picture

Alumni Incent GPA and Character

Our alumni annually provide five $1,000 scholarships to our Chapter's undergraduates.

They also provide the Chapter, as a whole, incentives to meet and exceed high-level GPA targets.

Professional Development

When seniors, we are matched with high performing DSP alumni working in our field. We are given industry insights and trends, job-search-prep tips, and resume feedback. Alumni also send us summer intern opportunities available in their companies.

Like All Greek and Non-Greek Students - We Combine Fun with Responsiblity

We maintain our Chapter house and grounds as a safe-haven: they are drug-free, alcohol-free regardless of your age, and tobacco-and-smoking free - and we still have fun!

We play a lot of sports at the Chapter and around town, have socials, and live and work and eat together in a brotherhood of close friendships.

Three years ago we built a sports-court.


Our DSP Football Team


Dinner At The House


DSP Soccer Team


PictureWe members today had nothing to do with the inappropriate conduct of some members in 2014.

We are a new group of students, working hard to live-up-to our University's goals for all students.

Together with our alumni, we have put into place new Chapter rules which promote student health and safety.

We have installed a values-based decision-making model that helps us do good risk-management planning.

We created a Judicial Review Board to enforce both our rules and our Brotherhood Standards of conduct that every member signs.

Two of these "standards" are a minimum GPA and performing at least five hours of personal community service per academic quarter.

Our Chapter has served this University's students since 1950, and our National Fraternity has served other leading Universities since 1899. We are proud to be University students here, Greeks, and to have a 67-year DSP legacy in SLO. We are thankful for our 1,600 Chapter alumni who continue to coach and support us.

We are dedicated to making our National motto a reality - "Building Better Men - Better Lives".

We are hopeful that the sincerity of our purpose, and our years of living-to-vales and University guidelines, will soon result in once again being a campus-recognized student organization.

Until then we wish our Greek, and non-Greek, fellow students all the very best. We ask that you understand how the Chapter lost its campus recognition and support our efforts to regain recognition. We wish to honor our Fraternity's values, principles, and ideals for member growth and community contribution, just as you honor your fraternity, sorority, club, or other student group or activity.