Alumni Leadership

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Our Two Leadership Groups

The DSP Chapter in San Luis Obispo currently has an Alumni Corporation Board and an Alumni Association. Our ACB is responsible for governance of the chapter, its programs, finances, and chapter facility as well as establishment of its goals and objectives. The Alumni Association has the goals of finding, connecting, and informing our alumni as well as providing feedback to ACB and motivation to the men of our active chapter.

ACB’s Decision And Risk Management Model Used At Chapter

These members are currently dedicating their time, ideas and resources to ensure the ongoing success of the Chapter in San Luis Obispo.

Alumni Corporation Board


Jonathan "Peabody" Monfort, F'81

(714) 296-8444



Chris "Blue" Hardy, F'05

(805) 235-5761



Chapter Advisor

Noel "Bull" Shutt, F'69

(805) 704-9406



Vice-President / Housing

Bill “FUBAR” Bradley, F’63

(805) 541-0719

Vice-President / EL


Alumni Association President

Ray "Mumbles" Calande

, W'74

(408) 251-6162

Undergraduate Executive Officers on ACB - With a Vote

None At This Time - The Chapter was Closed on April 2, 2018 for a period of at least 18 months.

Appointed Alumni Advisors Without a Vote

Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Risk Management Advisor


Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Brotherhood Advisor


Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Financial Advisor


ACB Advisor

Optional Position, Not Presently Staffed

Generation Z Advisors



ACB President's Message

ABC President

Alumni, thank you for all of your interest and involvement over the years. I think it is safe to say that most alumni never had much interaction with our National Fraternity other than initiation, getting a pin, and paying dues. Those dues and our Foundation have paid off over the years and now the Foundation and Fraternity serve to support our chapters. More specifically the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation funds education programs and the Fraternity's growth. Today's Fraternity provides a consistent experience and identity to Delta Sig undergraduates across the nation through on-line learning and education programs geared towards leadership.

Our National Fraternity has a specific group of men who are experienced in the restart of chapters all across the nation with a proven plan - and as an EP alumnus you know the Six P's: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! To that end our ACB and AA are excited to announce that we will start up EP 2.0 Steering Committee to ensure that the Founding Fathers of EP 2.0 meet the exacting standards of our original Founders and the example of gentlemanly behavior set by our very active alumni. For those wishing to join the Steering Committee or provide input to that committee please work directly through me via email or phone.

We want your input and not just on the values you expect. These values are already ingrained in the process that Delta Sigma Phi's strategy team use. We also want your insights on other indicators of what makes a good recruit who can be formed into a high performing Delta Sig undergrad and alumnus. Our work will not stop once the chapter is restarted; we will continue providing guidance to ensure EP 2.0 culture remains intact.

To ensure the members of our National staff are focused on the task at hand, I will serve as the primary point of contact for interacting with the restart team.

If you are interested in being on EP 2.0 Steering Committee or have any input on the re-start please email me at or call me at 714-296-8444.