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History Of Poly P

(Article Credit: Greg Williams, Fall 2009 initiate, Delta Sigma Phi / Chapter in San Luis Obispo)

Poly P ScholarshipOne of the oldest traditions at the University is hiking to the “P”, located on Poly Mountain above campus. This symbol of pride for Poly students is one of the oldest hillside initials on the West Coast, dating to 1919.

In 1919, local high school students formed an “H” on Poly Mountain from large stones, and University students changed it to a “P”. In the early 1920’s, a 24 by 40 foot “P” with a stone perimeter and lime-filled interior was built. This version was later replaced with white-washed barn doors to form the college’s “Block P”.

Over time the “Block P” began to fall apart. In 1957 the men of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity took the initiative to enlarge and reconstruct the “P” out of concrete. With donated supplies from local businesses, Delta Sigma Phi designed and built the modern “Poly P”. The two black and white photos show 1957 construction. Throughout the Spring of 1957, and with transport assistance from Ag Engineering tractors, Delta Sigs labored through thousands of pounds of concrete and cinder blocks to complete this project. On May 3, 1957, the new 50 by 35 foot “Poly P” was unveiled to campus and community. The community responded positively to the new icon, thanking Delta Sigma Phi for their hard work and dedication.

The following article appeared in San Luis Obispo’s local newspaper, the Telegram Tribune, in commemoration of this achievement. Poly P Scholarship

Brotherhood Stories

Brotherhood Stories

Brothers Gift Sports Court
July 2014

The six-man class of F’75 gifted half the cost of the chapter’s new sports court in the back yard. More...

Brotherhood Stories

Chapter Exec Retreat
May 2014

A dozen incoming and outgoing undergrads plan the future of our chapter. More...

Brotherhood Stories

Leadership Training Seminar
May 2014

90+ undergrads attended the ACB-sponsored leadership training with four speakers, including DSP Exec. Director Patrick Jesse. More...

Brotherhood Stories

University President Visits
May 2014

Unversity President Dr. Jeff Armstrong dines with our men for the second time as part of our EL Program. More...

Brotherhood Stories

The Sphinx
April 2014

Our chapter surprised returning alumni in April by unveiling a massive Sphinx. More...

Brotherhood Stories

Brothers Receive Award
March 2014

Alumni John “Si’mon” Kerr, S’58, and Noel “Bull” Shutt, F’69, receive a prestigious award. More...

Brotherhood Stories

The Chapter in San Luis Obispo Honors Delta Sig Alumnus
November 2013

F’83 De More...

Bond Eternal

Bond Eternal: Joel “Mole” Setaro (Pimentel), Spring ’72, known to many DSP eras, passed away August 25, 2010, at age 58. 39 brothers attended his services and a scholarship is founded in his name. More...

Fire Engine

In 2010, DSP’s 1929 American La France fire engine, owned since 1960, is getting alumni attention. More...

2009 Weekend Reunion

65 Delta Sigs and their wives or dates, from mostly the 1960’s, gathered on October 2-4, 2009, in SLO for a weekend reunion. More...

2009 Convention

The August 1, 2009, 3rd Annual DSP And Friends SF Giant’s Reunion attracted 67 Delta Sigs and guests and was a huge success! More...

2009 Convention

At Delta Sigma Phi’s National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, July 22-25, 2009, the Active Chapter in San Luis Obispo and its Alumni Association receive top honors, an alumnus was elected to Grand Council, and the Active Chapter President won a leadership award. More...

July 2009 Cruise

13 Delta Sig couples from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s have an outstanding time on a July 2009 five day cruise from Long Beach to Catalina Island, Ensenada, and back. More...

Classic Racing

On February 21, 2009, Brother John “Si’mon” Kerr, S’58, aka “Big John”, past Chapter Supervisor and prime-mover in building 244 California, married Dian DeSha in Pasadena. Big John continues classic racing! More...

Jim Larson

In 2008 a W’72 the Chapter in San Luis Obispo initiate was appointed to an open seat on our National Grand Council. Brother Jim “Lurch” Larson, past Chapter President, will stand for election in July 2009, at our National Convention, to a four year term. More...

Ol' Guys Reunion

In July 2008 the second annual DSP Ol’ Guys Reunion was held - in San Diego. Hosted by Greg “Deuce” and Barb Piers, F’67, twenty-seven Yitbos couples enjoyed the Del Mar Race Track, sight-seeing, and a dinner-cruise on the Bay.

Bond Eternal

In March 2008 our Brother Joe “Tickles” Gomes, F’70, suddenly passed away. Several Brothers attended his memorial services in California and in Georgia. This article is still being developed - and you are invited to contribute.

Outstanding Alumni

In April 2008 ACB President Jonathan “Peabody” Monfort, F’81, was honored by the Active Chapter as the Outstanding Alumni of the year.

Ol' Guys Reunion

In October 2007 Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73, and wife Carol, hosted an Ol’ Guys Reunion weekend in Placerville, CA. Fourteen couples made the Cary House Hotel their base and sampled area wineries, restaurants, bars, and a golf course!


A 2007 active & recent grad reunion was held in SF at Deuce’s. At the BBQ, the doorbell would ring, the crowd excite, then roar a nickname! At the Giant’s game, someone would say, “Remember the time . . .” and laughter ensued. More...

Since Graduating – Where They Are Now

(Brothers: whether you’ve been out of the University for five or fifty-five years, you can post “where you are now”. Click Alumni News Mgr.)

The 1950’s:

Brother Ed Sauer, W’55, and wife are now full-time RV’ers and loving it. They can be reached at:

The 1960’s:

Brother Ted “Fingers” Palmer, S’60, has built a modest second home in Tarpon Springs, Florida, along the water. He’s got a boat and loves to fish. His seasonal phone number there is 702-526-6322.

GiantsBrother Melvin Miller, S'60. Mary Ann and I have been married for 46 years and have lived in Upland 44 years. I’m retired from Southern California Edison. My hobbies active sports and hot rods. More...

GiantsBrother Mark “Deacon” Haselton, S'61. Spring 1961 Brother Mark “Deacon” Haselton, P.E., is the owner of Commercial Concrete Structures, Inc., in Georgia. The company provided advanced technology engineering and construction services. More...

Brother Cecil “Beany” Ross, F’64. After graduation, I went into the Air Force and served more than 25 years as a public affairs officer, retiring as a Colonel in 1993. More...

Brother Peter T. Foster, "Wacker", S'64. I’m retired. Since graduation, I have spent most time marrying and divorcing (3) in Indian Wells (Palm Springs), play lots of tennis and travel in the summer looking for women to buy houses for etc. Peter T. Foster; "Wacker"; '64; (760) 340-9205; ThePTFosterCo@Verizon.Net

Brother Ron "Lickety" Blickle, F'64. I am living in Fair Oaks, CA with my second wife, Bonnie (first wife was our Dream Girl in 1967). We have been married for 17 years. More (1964 Fall Ron Blickle.doc)

Brother Mark Gay, “Chop”, S'66. After Poly I graduated form Cal State Bakersfield in ‘77 in Adm. Crim. Justice. I spent 35 years as a regular & reserve Deputy Sheriff in Kern County. More...

The 1970’s:

Brother Pete “Cofu” Marmas, W’71, had surgery in 2007 for an oral tumor. He’s recovered well. He and wife Mary can be reached at:

Brother Wayne “Dizzy” Kendrick, F’72, retired in February 2007 after a fine 32 year run with the same company. He spends his days volunteering, preparing plans for a new home in the Texas Hill Country, cooking, and riding motorcycles. His post-retirement email address is:

Brother Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73. I retired at age 48 in 2000 due to a rare eye disease. I’ve continued my active involvement in our Alumni Association and many hobbies that may land me in a hospital. More...

Brother Rick “Bozo” Rengel, F’75. Architect firm owner, married DSP Little Sister Karen Petersen. They are divorced with two great kids. His B&B in Cayucos offers Yitbos rates. More...

The 1980’s:

Brother Bruce “Otter” Brenemen, F’80, received his BSME in 1983 and his MS in Applied Mechanics at UCSD in 1985. He’s the Chief Engineer at Toshiba America MRI-responsible for Toshiba's MRI superconducting magnet design and development. More...

Brother David “Tickler” French, F’80, currently works for a home builder, The Olson Company, as Regional President. Hobbies are basketball, golfing, fishing at Gull Lake, and anything with my family. More...

Brother Bill "Duke" Hassenzahl, S’85. I’m a partner in a structural engineering firm in Las Vegas. I’ve been married to Rene for 8 years and have three daughters (DONE). More...

Brother David Woodard, "ook", F’86. I obtained my MBA from Santa Clara University in 1999. I married my wife Lori in 1997. Our two children are Taylor and Zachary. More...

The 1990’s

(you’re up - send us where you are now, how to find you, & what’s up)

The 2000’s:

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