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The Alumni Association's Purpose

We serve alumni and undergraduate brothers. We find, connect, and inform our 1,600 Chapter alumni. We maintain this web site and its on-line directory, provide newsletters, and plan reunions. For the Chapter, we provide scholarships, financially contribute to leadership trainings, and provide fraternal displays that educate our men about our unique history, traditions, and bond.


Hugh “Cap” Ryan Award For Outstanding Alumni Association

The DSP Chapter in San Luis Obispo’s alumni organization was honored with National’s prestigious Hugh “Cap” Ryan Award For Outstanding Alumni Association, on July 24, 2009, at National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you alumni for your involvement and support.

Alumni Association Officer Receives National Award

Chapter HouseAt the Fraternity's 2017 National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, Brother Chris "Yabut" Patterson, W'73, received the National Fraternity's prestigious Herbert Award.

Shown at the photo's center with plaque, this past ADB officer and long-serving Alumni Association officer is surrounded by his Epsilon Rho Chapter's brothers, which he credits for this recognition.

Officers and Other Volunteers



Ray Calande

Mumbles, W’74



Ray Calande

Mumbles, W’74

Position potentially available


Vice President

Chris Patterson

Yabut, W’73




Managers & Chairmen:

Directory Manager

Mike Roanhaus

Harpo, S'70


Newsletter Editor

Chris Patterson

Yabut, W’73



Currently Yabut, but available


Technology Chair

Currently available

Commercial Printer

Jeff Clark

Putter, F’84

Stevenson's Printing, Pleasanton


Web Site Chair

Chris Patterson

Yabut, W’73


A co-chair is available

Membership & Fundraising Chair

Currently Yabut - but co-chair available

Social & Reunion Chairs

Currently Coco and Yabut, assisted by Harpo (golf) and Wayne Dizzy and Wendi Kendrick (alumni dinner 2023), with room for more planners

Photo Gallery Chair

Currently Rocky, with room for more


EP Alumni Association By-Laws (May 5, 2023)

Officer-Only Password Access To Resource Page:


Alumni Association Financials and Membership Information



Mumbles provides Harpo 2021 AA Annual Report developed for upcoming newsletter:


Alumni Gifts to the Chapter

Our 2016 gift to the Chapter was the “Alumni Guest Speakers” Board.

ImageAt the Chapter’s request, a new program was established in April 2016 and will be launched in Fall Quarter 2016. The program is “Alumni Guest Speakers”. This will supplement the Chapter’s “Engineered Leadership” speakers program of University and community leaders.

Alumni from various professions are asked to return, attend a Chapter dinner, and address our men with their “real life” experiences and insight. Our 2016-2017 Chapter President Luke “ORC” Pinkston displays the scroll that participating alumni will sign.

Our 2015 gift to the Chapter records our unique history - “Where Our Chapter Property And House Came From”!

ImageBrother Kerr, S’58, Brother Ferguson, W’70, and Brother Patterson, W’73, present the gift in April 2015.

Click here for the text contained in this Chapter display.

Our 2014 gift to the Chapter was a digital 35 mm camera system

ImageTo encourage our Chapter to record its brotherhood events and life around the “House”, we gifted a digital camera system. As a result, our Chapter again appoints a brother to record Chapter events for the future.

Our 2013 gift to the chapter was a large professional-grade BBQ.

PinLong ago the City of SLO forced the chapter to remove the block and brick BBQ built against the Cal Park wall just outside of the kitchen. It was illegally built in the five foot side setback.

Our gift supports daily dinner preparation in the traditional BBQ area - and group activities. This BBQ can be rolled through the breezeway to the back yard. It is built of 3/8’s inch steel plate, weighs over 600 pounds, and has an adjustable grill of 40 by 60 inches. It is legal to park and use in the same spot as the old BBQ – because it is not permanently built in! Our actives were very, very excited to get this beast of a BBQ to support large-group activities!

In 2012 our gift focused on leadership.

PinIn the name of our alumni, we researched, designed, had cast, and gave Exec officers the “emblem of office some of us wore, and all of us remember, from our chapter days. Each officer will convey his medallion to the next elected officer. This 4-decade-plus tradition was lost about 2000.

In 2011 our gift focused on creating a “teaching tool” about our unique, three-house, history.

We custom-developed a set of house pictures – each with its unique history. They will continue to instruct our new brothers for many years to come.

676 Monterey Street

1951 – 1953

676 Monterey Street picture.jpg

1134 Palm Street

1954 – 1971

1134 Palm Street picture.jpg

244 California Blvd.

1972 - Present

244 California Blvd. picture.jpg

Before these gifts, we reinstated the EL Speakers Board and program. Using old photos, we duplicated the missing “EL Board” and returned this unique tradition to our chapter. The most notable speaker of 2012 was the University’s President Armstrong.

Unlike ACB which receives rents from the chapter house, your all-volunteer Alumni Association is 100% dependant on alumni giving to cover our costs.

You can help us continue our work for alums and chapter by becoming an Alumni Association member. Please send in your annual dues of $20 and a donation you‘re comfortable with. We maintain what we’ve built with dues – and give scholarships and instructive gifts with your donations.

Your Brotherhood-from-afar makes our work for DSP possible.

Please make your check payable to DSP EP Alumni Assn. and mail it to Brother Ray Calande (“Mumbles”, W’74) at 1384 Rue Avati, San Jose, CA 95131-2547.

How We Spend Your Money

Spending since inception

Web Site Founders

The Epsilon Rho Alumni Association of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Chapter in San Luis Obispo is deeply indebted to the following alumni whose generous and unselfish project-specific donations made this site possible for all of us.

No matter how our Delta Sig alumni site changes over time, forever retain the following list of 82 Delta Sigs as the original FOUNDERS – with our sincere thanks for their Delta Sig spirit and continuing to pay-the-debt.


Founder: $500 Or More
Mitch Kotula – Private – Fall 1966

Founder: $300 - $399
Robert Lineberger – Oskie – Fall 1975

Founder: $200 - $299
Alonzo Laws – Fuzz – Fall 1958
Greg Van Houten – Chucker – Winter 19701,3
Jim Larson – Lurch – Winter 19721
Duane Kerber – Zoobie – Winter 1975
Tom Hannum – Ortho – Spring 1970
Mike Ivy – Snidley – Spring 19711
Tom Brooks – Woody – Winter 1973
Chris Patterson – Yabut – Winter 19732,3,4
Eric Hancock – Sarge – Winter 1974
Mark Moseley – Gumby – Fall 19751,3

Founder: $100 - $199
Bob Dathe – Slats - Winter 1958
Gary Goldsworthy – Reggin – Winter 19613
Clifford Hahn - Little Man – Fall 19563
Jim Evans - 3.2% - Spring 19583
Dan Kelly – Whippy – Fall 1958
Robert Fairbanks – Stroker – Spring 1959
Jack Gilbert – Germ – Winter 1961
Harold McDaniel – Mole – Fall 1964
Dale Thomson – Whiffy – Fall 1964
Larry Fritz – Flash - Winter 19681
Bob Ferguson – Pele – Winter 19701
Mike Roanhaus – Harpo – Spring 1970
Scott Morlan – Stub – Winter 1971
Jim Nelson – Ozzie – Fall 1971
Rich Barca – Puff – Winter 1972
Tad Kato – PT – Spring 1973
Ray Calande – Mumbles – Winter 19742
Rick Rengel - Bozo - Fall 19751,2,3
Brian Crowell – Stumbles – Winter 1978

Founders: Under $100
Doug Aitken – Spuna – Fall 1974
John Bann – Echo – Spring 1974
Martin Ernst – Beads – Winter 1974
Larry Postler – Smiley – Spring 19742
Gordon Carbonetti – Bubbles – Fall 1975
Rob Mullaney – Sparky – Fall 1975
Rob Canepa – Rooster – Spring 1980
Mike Chacon – Zipp – Spring 1980
Alan Belanger – Friar – Spring 1977
Doug Zezoff – Tarot – Fall 1979
Ira Schab – Dad – Fall 1952 (3)
Robert Hughes – Tiger – Fall 1956
Ted Lohr - Chief D.A. – Winter 19563
Tom Green - Iron Toe – Winter 19573
Bruce Bader – Hoss – Spring 19601
Ted Palmer – Fingers – Spring 1960
William Hartwig – Spade – Spring 1961
Ted Cimral – Chester – Spring 1962
Donald Hordness – Shefu – Winter 1967
Drew Pringle – Mouse – Winter 1968
Noel Shutt – Bull – Fall 1969
Lynn Roath – Mack – Fall 1971
Wayne Kendrick – Dizzy 2 – Fall 1972
Bob Papazian – Hots – Spring 1973
Greg Weaver – Mombo – Fall 19741
Martin Self – Yogi – Winter 1975
Michael Evans – Miner – Spring 1977
Ted Wenta – Hymie – Fall 1982
Joe Olla – Jughead – Spring 1987
Jerry Davis – Hawkeye – Fall 1988
Joshua Leichter – Dunlop – Fall 1990
Marc Oberlin – Colombo – Fall 1994
Joseph Castellano – Panda – Spring 1961
Gene Blazick – Spanky – Winter 19683
Robert Bader – Leaky – Spring 1959
Paul Croxton – Skeet – Fall 1964
Randy Brame - Red Hot – Fall 1966
Joe Gallagher – Hands – Spring 1987
Lawrence Annis – Buttle – Spring 1966
Glen Cottone – Harpo – Fall 1981
David Crowell – Trips – Spring 20011,3
Bruce Cameron – Scratch – Winter 1961
Sheldon Tyler – Tootsie – Spring 1965
Dave Hetyonk – Jughead – Fall 1970
Bill Louie – Crab – Winter 1971
Bill Benson – Ham – Fall 1975
Stephen Debranch – Tossup – Fall 1977
Pete Rominger - Boom Boom – Spring 1972
Phil Dunn – Snag – Fall 1977
Dave Janisch – Ditto – Fall 1983
Doug Meyer – Beetle – Spring 19933

1 Past Chapter President.
2 Current ACB or Alumni Assn. officer or volunteer.
3 Initial contributor of history or photos.
4 Chair of committee that researched, fund-raised, wrote, launched, and gifted this web site to the alumni Brothers of the DSP Chapter in San Luis Obispo. Steve “Rocky” Miller, S’71, also deserves mention for preserving our photos.

Fall 1975 was the only class to have 100% of its members become Founders.

Current Membership Drive

Our current membership drive asks all alumni to help us serve our chapter and alumni by joining our Alumni Association for $20 a year. Association officers are 100% volunteer but we need funds for essentials such as the scholarships and chapter gifts we give, for web site host costs, and for necessary printing and postage. You can help us from afar. Please click on printable form and surface mail this in with dues, and if possible, a donation. We invest it all in our chapter and its men – both actives and alumni.